The social commitment


Karoon executes the conversation “Safe operations in deep waters” with the participation of all communities and the population in general.


Karoon’s work and energy focus on sustainable development projects for the whole community as a sign of their commitment and respect, proposing innovative proposals, such as:


Company managed by women of Tumbes and that revalues the role of women, who is already making online sales of 100% handmade jewelry.


Project that provides opportunities for improvement and grants university scholarships for young people with great potential and desire to excel to be good citizens and professionals.


Project that promotes tourism, conservation and responsible use of the mangroves of Tumbes. The frigate bird is unique in the region.


The first 3D marine survey activity was carried out with the ship Geowave Endeavor of CGD Veritas, resulting in a successful operation due to continuous communication, the active participation of local monitors and transparency in information.

Karoon applies the highest social standards to promote relationships of shared, lasting and harmonious value.

The company starts the project PROMPES – Promoting Fishing in which it trains, formalizes and manages 800 fishing cards of 800 fishermen from Tumbes. Likewise, it works to promote the safety of the man of the sea, providing radar reflectors and “Víctor” flags to 768 fishing vessels to avoid accidents during fishing operations. With PROMPES, Karoon trains fishermen with the basic safety course OMI, which has acquired knowledge in first aid, survival at sea, firefighting and social responsibility. Many have used this certification to continue to overcome.



The company is presented to the 11 fishing communities of Tumbes, located between Puerto Pizarro and Cancas, in order to establish a relationship of good neighbors based on trust and respect.



Karoon firma un contrato con el Estado Peruano, por medio de la Agencia Promoción Inversión Perupetro, como socios en el Lote Z-38, ubicado en Tumbes.

For Karoon, communication is the key to any good relationship along with transparency and honesty. In this way he continually carries out events in order to publicize the progress of his projects.

Karoon is the company, the collaborators and the community. And together they walk to success.