Corporate Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility Declaration

Karoon operates in a range of socially diverse environments including the northwest coast of Australia, northern coast of Peru, the Peruvian Amazon Jungle and southern coast of Brazil.

At Karoon we believe that the only way to conduct a successful operation is by engaging with local communities early to ascertain their culture and history and to fully understand their concerns about natural resource extraction activities, therefore building dialogue and trust from the start of an operated project. Karoon recognizes the importance of establishing transparent relationships thus fostering respect and increasing the positive impact on Karoon’s operations.

Karoon’s approach to enabling a relationship of trust with the local communities is based on our commitment to:

  • Respect local culture and customs
  • Respect the environment in which we operate
  • Comply with local agreements and adhere to the laws and regulations of the countries where we operate, as well as respond to expectations from government and regulatory authorities
  • Build our knowledge of local communities, by collating real social data, in order to respect diversity and identify different ways to contribute to the communities’ quality of life where possible
  • Promote and support the participation of communities and their representatives in Karoon projects to enable them to gain greater understanding of the hydrocarbon sector
  • Coordinate with local institutions and social organizations in the areas where Karoon operates
  • Communicate, with full transparency, all aspects of Karoon’s operations with local communities, government and regulatory authorities;
  • Use innovative tools and methods to develop communication strategies to reach entire communities in the areas in which we operate

Implement processes to educate employees and contractors to ensure they fully understand and appreciate the diverse cultural values and traditional beliefs of local communities