Our People

Karoon recognises the importance of attracting and retaining high quality staff.

Karoon is proud of our outstanding exploration success rate and we understand that this is due in no small way to the calibre of the technical and operational personnel we have recruited and retained. Similarly, our success in developing and implementing our commercial strategies reflects the commitment of our corporate staff.

Karoon aims to ensure employees are engaged in their work, motivated to improve their performance and empowered to communicate openly at all levels.  This is achieved through the various internal and external human resources policies and procedures that have been developed, as well as offering staff the opportunity for training or further study, and ensuring staff are kept informed through both formal and informal briefing sessions.

The Health and Safety of our people is of upmost importance to Karoon and is carefully managed through our global Operating Management System, click here [Link to HSSE page] for further information, and the Occupational, Health and Safety Policy in each office.  Karoon also seeks to assist staff in maintaining general good health and wellbeing through sponsoring programs such as gym memberships, first aid courses and defensive driving courses.


Karoon considers that its diverse workforce is a key factor in keeping our business competitive and successful. We are committed to recognising the diverse capabilities that reside within our workforce such as differences in ethnicity, gender, language, age, religion, sexual orientation, socio economic status, experience and education. We believe that diversity makes Karoon more creative and productive in its decision making.

Karoon supports diversity through our Diversity Policy and through individual projects, such as the introduction of breast feeding cubicles in our South American offices to support mothers recently returned from maternity leave.  Our diversity profile is demonstrated by the following statistics which have been calculated across our global workforce*.

  • Overall 44% of Karoon employees are female, 56 % male
  • 18% of employees in an Executive or Senior Professional role are female, while females make up 44% of those in Professional roles.
  • Within our Technical departments (Geologists, Engineers, etc) 34% of employees are female
  • We have an even balance of males and females employed in corporate roles (Finance, Legal, etc)
  • As may be expected, approximately 60% of employees in an Executive or Senior Professional role are aged over 50, while 88% of those in a Professional role are aged under 50
  • Approximately 63% of the total Karoon workforce is aged between 30 and 49 years.

*As at 30 June 2016

As the above numbers indicate, Karoon has been working towards achieving diversity in our global workforce profile.  While we are proud of our current profile, we will continue to encourage:

  • greater female participation in senior and executive roles; and
  • executive and senior professional employees to look for mentoring opportunities for more junior employees to gain valuable insight into Karoon and the oil and gas industry generally.